Choose, Stop SMOKING or Stop BREATHING!

I took this video from youtube. Just buffer it then see what cigarette could do on your body. Maybe some of you will neglect this video, but for sure the best thing to do is stopping to waste your life on cigarette. Maybe you can change your smoking habit to mie ayam habit. 😀 I… Continue reading Choose, Stop SMOKING or Stop BREATHING!

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Smokers Vs. Non-Smokers

Just for joke, i'm not a smoker. This is a conversation between a smoker and a non-smoker. :). Keep reading guys 🙂 In a bus station, they are sitting on the back of the economy bus. side by side. Not the bumper :D. Smokers = S; Non-Smokers = NS S : Hey NS, would you… Continue reading Smokers Vs. Non-Smokers

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Yang suka makan Mie, PENTING!

"BACA SEJENAK UNTUK YG PEDULI" Ini gw dapetin dari forum lounge kaskus. Gw rasa ini cukup penting buat kalian. Soalnya ini ngebahas masalah esensi dasar hidup orang2 yg suka makan mie.hhe. Mie Instant yang kita kenal memang salah satu jenis makanan kemasan yang sangat mudah penyajiannya, rasanya pas, dan harganya pun relatif terjangkau. Akan tetapi… Continue reading Yang suka makan Mie, PENTING!

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  Are you feeling hot now? No wonder, even you are in rainy season, you might  be hot. Maybe, you can feel the difference at Year 2009 which compared with 2000. Isn’t getting hotter? Cooler? Or weird? There’s no difference between cool and hot. It’s not only happen in land but also in ocean and… Continue reading SIMPLY ACT MEANS A LOT TO BE A BETTER WORLD