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  Are you feeling hot now? No wonder, even you are in rainy season, you might  be hot. Maybe, you can feel the difference at Year 2009 which compared with 2000. Isn’t getting hotter? Cooler? Or weird? There’s no difference between cool and hot. It’s not only happen in land but also in ocean and atmosphere. It’s one of the examples of global warming. Global warming is a condition where there is increasing in the average temperature of atmosphere, oceans, and landmasses of earth. It’s not an ordinary nature phenomenon. Green house effect, one of the reasons why global warming could happen but the main reason is human behavior to appreciate the environment itself. Human uses the environment with no responsibility. They just want to use it but they don’t want to think about future. They waste paper. They throw the trash everywhere. They don’t care about the forest. The forest supplies our need. Badly, this process is getting worst for the late 50 years. Now, we will face the result. Flood, hot weather in a cold place, cold weather in a hot place, and it happens to our lovely earth. Earth, the place where we live, is getting sick. The changes give a lot of effect to our life. It makes us to give a harder effort to get survive with this condition. It changes the perspective of everyone also students. Students play a big role to decide the future. Here, I will explain 5 ways to increase the awareness of global warming in senior high scope.

Firstly, back to green. It means that we should get back to a green condition, when there are so many trees in our school; it will help us as students to make our environment fresh. There are 2 ways for this 1st solution. Every class should bring and plant 5 fruit trees each class. They should take care of the plant. Let it grow. The tree mustn’t die. The trees should produce fruits. The fruits whether it could be eaten or it could be sold to the market. Then, after the tree become bigger, it will make a lot of leaf trashes. Do not sweep the trash but gather it around the trees. Let it decayed and become fertilizer. It seems as a recycle of trash that will never over. It is very economist but effective. We shouldn’t have to buy fertilizer but use the leaf that already decayed.

Then, do not waste too many plastic glasses. We shouldn’t have to use a brand new plastic glass each time we take drinks. We could bring our own plastic glass or maybe bottle glass. Although the glass or bottle made by plastic but we buy the bottle with reuse type. After that, we supply the class with mineral water. So we shouldn’t have to go to canteen. If we still want to take some drink at canteen, just bring our glass or bottle to canteen. We should make some agreement with canteen. Canteen must not sell the food and drink with plastic. They must sell it with plate and glass or we bring our own plate and glass. If there is a plastic trash, we will collect it. After the collected plastic trash becomes a large amount, we can sell it to a plastic supplier. It will result as money.

Third, use the pedestrian area and motorcycle effective. The floor of the pedestrian area inside the school should be in con block that have a hole on the center. Just change it all. It will help to make the water easier to penetrate into the land. It is very effective and economist. This process is one of the ways to keep a water cycle and it will work. Then, for the motorcycle rider, there is a rule. The rule is 2 in 1 motor. It means in a motorcycle, there should be 2 students. It will help use to decrease the use of energy. It’s better than ride a motorcycle alone. They can share cost for the motorcycle.

Fourth, decrease the energy and paper. We should be more careful to use the lightning. To turn on the lamp for an hour, we have spent about a big amount of coal. To produce a coal has made a lot of pollution. Then it will impact to the temperature changes in earth. To solve it, we should use lighting, AC, computer effectively in case to save energy and reduce pollution. Then, decrease the number of paper that we use just for a test. If we used about 25 pages paper just for a test, we had already waste about a lot of trees. Why we should use paper? We could use e-mail. Just send the answer via e-mail, it’s simpler. The paper trash could be something potential. We can make it as art. We can make gallery then we can sell it. Maybe, we can recycle the used paper to a new one paper.

Fifth, first step to make a better move is the hardest step. Students need to get a motivation to do this move. They won’t change their act until they get something and beneficial. This is the hardest step. Firstly, I will create a deal with school to make intensive consultation about global warming and the impact to their life. Then, socialize to them a slogan, “REFRESH YOUR LIFE BY REFRESH YOUR ENVIRONMENT”. But we can use simple words, “Green it all”. The slogan will be recorded then it will be played every morning. It will a little bit change their mind. After that step, I will make a kind of hall of fame. It’s a kind of reward to their effort. Every student and class who has made a big contribution will be memorized in hall of fame. It’s going to be very precious because their name will be written there for all the time.

There will be trash categorization. The trash will be divided into 3 kinds. The first trash is leaf trash. We shouldn’t have to take care of this trash. It will decay itself. We just need to gather the leaf around the trees. The second trash is plastic trash. We need to collect it then there will be 2 ways to overcome this trash. Make it as art or sell it to trash supplier. Then, the third is an-organic trash. We will burn the trash in a fully closed box.

It’s very hard to make that move but if we have strong motivation, I am sure this program will be amazing. We should spread the spirit of movement. Time to make a change. As the conclusion, this program won’t work if there’s no effort from the individual itself.

Maybe some people will think that this article is copied by me. But for sure, i wrote this when i was at Senior High School. I thought that it will be a good point to republish this article. Thank you for your attention for read this article, distribute this article means a lot for better earth. Thank You 🙂

Aldrian Pradana 🙂

NB: You can share this article for a better earth. Go green is an effective way to do and to write, but you have to do this simple programs as  your contribution for the earth. 🙂

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