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Smokers Vs. Non-Smokers

Just for joke, i’m not a smoker. This is a conversation between a smoker and a non-smoker. :). Keep reading guys 🙂

In a bus station, they are sitting on the back of the economy bus. side by side. Not the bumper :D.

Smokers = S; Non-Smokers = NS

S : Hey NS, would you mind if i burn my cigarette  next to you?

NS : It’s ok dude. I don’t mind. Let the wind blow the smokes 😀

S : Thanks dude. Don’t you want some? Here, take it.

NS : I’m sorry but i don’t do such a stupid thing like that

(Suddenly the tension raised high) 😀

S : Sorry, what do you say? Stupid thing?

NS : Yeah stupid, just as i said. Listen, how many stick you smoke each day? or how many box?

S : 2 Boxes, each 10000 IDR

NS :  Listen, each day you spend 20000 IDR. Then you multiply it with 365 days. How many do you get?

S : 7.300.000 IDR. ?

NS : How long have you smoked

S : 20 years.

NS : let see, 7.300.000 X 20 = 140.600.000. With that big amount of money, you’ll have a car. You don’t have to ride this silly bus.

Then smoker speaks.


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